Personalized and Stock Labels Fall For Orders By The Case

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  • When you order by the case you can choose from stock labels or personalized
  • For Personalized enter label number, Salutation (From, Love or None) and the signature were it says ribbon choice and wording
  • For stock labels see Stock label choices and enter number  (ribbons are as shown)
  • Stock and custom labels available for cases only   36-2 oz.,  12- 5 oz & 10 oz., 6 20 oz., 4 -40 oz.
  • Order today and pick your ship date! Shipping usually with in 1 week of placing an order!
  • shipping times run 2-3 weeks from date of order starting mid November
  • click here to go to personalized and stock labels by the case
  • Click here to order single or multiple jars less than a case!
  • email us for corporate gift ideas and cookie label ideas with your logo