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Free Shipping

These mouth watering gourmet brownies and cookies are sure to please! Perfect chocolate corporate gift or personal gift. Price includes shipping for one box shipped anywhere in the continental US! Call for discounted prices for multiple gifts shipped to one address!Your clients, employees, loved ones and friends will love this great gift with a variety of yummy brownies and cookies packed in a decorative stack of boxes! Call for discount pricing on more than 3 shipped to one address!

Stack Includes:

  • 8 Fairytale Brownies, 10 Fairytale Sprites, 12 Magic Morsels, 8 Fairytale Cookies and 3 Fairytale Bars, 41 pieces 6.1 lbs
  • This pricing only for products shipped to the continental US- call for worldwide shipping rates.
  • Orders received by 12:00 noon Arizona time Monday - Friday (October-April) ship the same business day from Arizona. Orders received by 12:00 noon Arizona time Monday - Wednesday (May-Sept) ship the same business day from Arizona. (no shipping on Thursday or Friday May-Sept)
  • During the summer (May 1 - Sept. 30) $2 per gift is included in the price. Gifts are shipped in an insulated box with cold packs. We ship Monday through Wednesday unless expedited shipping is purchased.
  • Standard shipping arrives within 3-5 business days of shipment. Call to inquire about expedited shipping.
  • If no shipping date is specified, we will ship your order immediately. We can only guarantee delivery to the address given. Weather and other events may cause occasional delays.
  • These brownies are fresh like home made! No preservatives or artificial colors.
  • Shelf life: 14 days brownies & 7 days cookies, Refrigerator 30 days, Freezer 6 months.
  • Call for Discount Pricing for more than 4 shipped to one address.

1 Chocolate Chip Brownie, 1 Original Brownie,1 Raspberry Swirl Brownie, 1 Toffee Crunch Brownie, 1 Walnut Brownie, 1 White Chocolate Brownie, 1 Espresso Nib Brownie, 1 Cream Cheese Brownie, 1 Caramel Sprite, 1 Chocolate Chip Sprite, 1 Mint Chocolate Sprite, 1 Original Sprite, 1 Peanut Butter Sprite, 1 Pecan Sprite, 1 Toffee Crunch Sprite, 1 Walnut Sprite, 1 Espresso Nib Sprite, 1 Cream Cheese Sprite, 2 Caramel Morsels, 2 Chocolate Chip Morsels, 2 Original Morsels, 2 Raspberry Swirl Morsels, 2 Walnut Morsels 2 Cream Cheese Morsels, 1 Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookie, 1 Caramel Pecan Cookie, 2 Peanut Butter Cookies, 2 Double Chocolate Cookies, 1 Coconut Walnut Cookie, 1 Mint Chocolate Cookie, 1 Pecan Blondie Bar, 1 Raspberry White Chocolate Bar, 1 Cheesecake Swirl Bar