Thank You Basket

Thank You Basket
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Thank You:  You pick the Nam's cookie Label: 

A great assortment for an individual or a group to share!

Say "Thank You" for anything with this wonderful basket of treats.

    Filled with:
  • Jar of Nam's Cookies
  • seasoned pretzels
  • A tin of Virginia Nuts
  • Savory Cheese Straws
  • peanut brittle
  • tub of crunchie munchie snack mix.
  • dried fruit & nut mix
  • Brownie Brittle
  • Mixed Nuts
  • More cookies!

  • $98.95 For the Deluxe Version we add more gourmet goodies!

    $127.95 For the Super Deluxe!

    $168.95 Xtra Super Deluxe!

    or call to customize in any price range!

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