Pamper Her Gift Basket

Pamper Her Gift Basket
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Pamper Her Gift Basket
Our luxurious bath and body products is here!
Luxurious spa products enriched with shea butter, cocoa butter and
select essential oils & natural extracts in fresh botanical scents.

This arrangement is available in 3 scents:
Passion Flower and Olive Oil,
Organic Oatmeal and NEW scent Tahiti-a yummy blend of grapefruit, mango butter and coconut oil.
We pack great pampering products in a lined reusable gift basket,
Shea Butter body lotion, body wash, body butter, French milled
shea butter & cocoa butter soap, anti stress bath grains
lip balm, a Yankee Candle, a loufa or sponge and several types of cookies and tea.

Made in the USA!